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The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant enables you to scan computing devices for the latest drivers available from Intel. This tool has the main interface hosted on Intel’s support website and provides a more integrated support experience to users. It has an enhanced detection engine to ensure that customers are given complete and accurate information and a scan frequency option to change from a “run-once” tool to a persistent experience that can provide customers with driver updates more quickly.

Products supported: Graphics drivers, wireless networking, Intel® SSDs, Intel® NUCs, and Intel® Compute Sticks

Issues with upgrading Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to a newer version? Please try our Uninstaller.

Required to install and use utility

Vobis Microcomputer Driver
  • A broadband Internet connection is required to use this utility.
  • Operating system requirements for installation: This application installs on Windows 7*, Windows 8*, Windows 8.1*, and Windows® 10.
  • We recommend performing a Windows* update to bring your operating system up to date with the latest .NET.
  • This application does not support Internet Explorer* browser. We recommend using Chrome*, Firefox*, or Edge* (version 44.17763/18.17763 or newer) browsers.

Additional Requirements; Windows NT 4 SP 6; Windows 2003 SP 1; Windows XP AMD 64-bit; Windows XP 64-bit SP 1; Windows NT 4 SP 2; Windows 2000 SP 1; Windows 2003 64-bit. Download Mouse Computer laptop and netbook drivers or install DriverPack Solution for automatic driver update.

Vobis Microcomputer Driver Windows 10

Instructions for launching

Vobis Microcomputer Drivers

  1. Uninstall any previous versions (optional).
  2. Download and save locally on your device.
  3. Double-click Intel® Driver & Support Assistant Installer.exe file.
  4. Read and agree to the license terms and conditions
  5. Select Install.
  6. Click Launch button; the tray icon will start and automatically opens default browser

What's new in version

  • Bug fixes for endless scanning issues
  • Improved screen reader compatibility of Installer
  • Improved network resiliency
  • UI improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements

What's in previous version

  • Improved support for Intel® SSD software
  • UI improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Languages supported: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Polish and Turkish.

Related topic

Ball size: 11/2' (38.06mm)
Interface: RS-232
Rare trackball, made by Vobis for its Highscreen PC line and designed by Luigi Colani. Unusual arrangement of controls: it's not purely 'finger trackball', as the ball is effectively held between index finger and thumb - the latter is involved mostly in horizontal movement.
Unfortunately, the device is quite cheaply made internally: there's no any bearings, the ball is supported by protruding pins of plastic ball cage. The springs pressing rubberized rollers against the ball are too strong, pushing it out of place. The ball is heavily wobbling when operated, and suffer from significant friction.

Vobis Microcomputer Driver Software

Main controller is HM8350A, accompanied by seven C1815GR transistors. Microswitches are Zippy DM. 33-slots shutter discs provide 418 PPR / 89 CPI resolution. Under metal weight is a 'Upgrade Version' sticker.
Awarded in 1993 by iF Design. Black version with white ball also existed:

Vobis Microcomputer Driver Training