Download Sonic Core Driver

Beta-stage software finally brings 64-bit compatibility
  1. Download Sonic Core Drivers
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German outfit Sonic Core (the company founded in the wake of Creamware’s insolvency a few years ago) have released a new set of drivers for their Xite 1 PCIe and Scope PCI DSP systems that make them compatible with the 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Sonic Core Driver

The drivers are still in the beta stage at the moment, so some plug-ins may not work fully, but the move should come as welcome news to users of their products, who may have been concerned that development has slowed down of late.

Though no specific timescale was given, Sonic Core have recently said that they also fully intend to deliver on their promise to make the Xite 1 compatible with OS X. We’ll bring you news of further Scope and Xite 1 compatibility developments as soon as it arrives.


Download Sonic Core Drivers

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